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Little children of all ages love to entertain themselves through imaginative play or pretend play. Boys and girls who regularly use their imagination and creativity to enjoy role playing develop and learn more skills than those who do not. Even as simple as playing with wooden market stalls pretending to be sellers at a farmers’ market can have tremendous effect on a child’s early development.

Role playing has various forms and the overall role playing experience can be enhanced through playing with toys designed for this type of imaginative play. Toys like play market stalls for instance allow children to role play as sellers of goods and produce. You can even make their role playing more fun and realistic with age-appropriate and suitable toy accessories and props.

Market stall toys come in a wide range of designs, styles, colours and sizes. The choices can be overwhelming especially if you do not know what you are looking at and what playset to buy. We believe that toy buying should be easy and simple so we made a list of our top picks for the best play market stalls.

Tender Leaf Toys Farmer’s Market Stall

Tender Leaf Toys is one of our most trusted toy brands. Their toys feature unique designs and illustrations and more importantly they are 100% safe and conforms to European and international safety standards for toys. Tender Leaf Toys commitment to the conservation of our environment is reflected upon their toys. They only use the best quality wooden materials that are responsibly sourced. Each toy is carefully designed and crafted to perfection.

Tender Leaf Market Stall set comes with a sturdy wooden market stall, 2 fabric crates, 3 mini black boards, a fabric shopping bag and an assortment of fruits and vegetables. Perfect playset for imaginative play either alone or with friends. You can use this playset to teach your children about basic numeracy, sorting and organization. There is plenty fun to be had with this playset and your children are guaranteed to enjoy playing for hours on end.

There are 2 available upgrades to this wonderful playset. The Shopping Bundle includes the basic model plus Tender Leaf Toys Grocery Bag, Tender Leaf Toys Till With Money and Tender Leaf Toys Weighing Scales. The other bundle – Farmers Market Shopping Bundle – includes everything from the Shopping Bundle but instead of Tender Leaf Toys Grocery Bag, it comes with Tender Leaf Toys Shopping Cart.

Goki My Market Stand

This lovely market stall from Goki comes with a tray for the produce crates and a shelf for other goods. There is a knob on the side of the stall for hanging fabric shopping bags. Market crates, produce and other grocery items are sold separately. This playset features bright colours which is guaranteed to grab your child’s attention. Perfect size for table top or floor play.

Other market stall accessories like Bigjigs Natural Shopping Bag and Bigjigs Wooden Food Crate are available for purchase.

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