Our Top Five Pirate Ship Toys




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Our Top Five Pirate Ship Toys

Kids love playing with and pretending to be pirates. These swashbuckling villains of the high seas are all about treasure, sword fights and adventure. Children get to set sail for far off lands, hunt for gold on forgotten islands and generally get as creative as they like so it’s no wonder pirates have long held a fascination for little ones and grown-ups alike.

Our top 5 pirate ship toys are perfect for some indoor pirate adventures and inspiring imaginative and creative play. The list includes classic pirate ships as well as a fantastic pirate ship puzzle and even a pirate train set.

The Tidlo Paragon Pirate Ship

The Tidlo Paragon Pirate Ship toy is a beautiful wooden pirate ship that comes with everything your young swashbuckler needs for hours of imaginative play.

The Set includes:

  • A wooden pirate ship with masts, sails, rigging and crows nest.
  • A pirate captain and his crew.
  • A treasure chest.
  • Cannons.
  • And Barrels to store the loot.

A really great feature of this ship is that it has recessed wheels on the underside meaning you can push it easily around the floor for even more pirate fun.

BigJigs Mini Pirate Ship Play Set

The Bigjigs Mini Pirate Ship playset is perfect for younger pirate lovers or just if you don’t have space or budget for a larger ship.

This compact set still has everything young pirates need for epic adventures including:

  • A wooden pirate ship with sail, rigging and crows nest.
  • A pirate captain and 2 crew members.
  • A treasure chest.
  • A cannon.
  • A Boat.
  • And even a shark.

This playset would make a great gift and all the pieces pack away neatly inside for easy storage.

Djeco Pirate Boat – Pop to Play

The Djeco Pop to Play Pirate Boat is fantastic value and great for slightly older children. It’s made of tough cardboard rather than wood but is still really sturdy and beautifully decorated.

This one doesn’t come with pirates or accessories but makes a great boat for any pirates you already have.

The Bigjigs Pirate Train Set

Ok so this one isn’t a pirate ship, although it does have a little one in the set. However, if you have a pirate mad kid this would make a fantastic addition to their pirate collection. It’s also a great way to add some high-seas adventure to your train play. Just make sure you avoid the sharks.

Djeco Pirates Observation Puzzle

The Djeco Pirates Observation Puzzle would make a fantastic gift for a pirate-themed birthday party. It has 100 pieces and is aimed at children of around 5 years. And the fun doesn’t stop once you have completed the puzzle. You then get to search to see if you can find all the items around the edge.

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