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Can we ditch the disposable razor?

We all know how bad plastic razors are for the planet, but.. what can women do? Are there sustainable options for women? Can women use safety razors or are these a men only product? We answer all these questions and more to get ladies on their journey to sustainable shaving!

Ladies, You Can Use Safety Razors! Get a Close and Smooth Shave Like Men

Safety razors can be a great option for women who are looking to shave their legs. Safety razor blades provide a closer and smoother shave than traditional disposable razors, which reduces the chance of nicks and cuts. But do you have to be a man to use one?

For some reason, the double edge safety razor (DE razor) has become the preserve of men. This is very unfortunate because there are numerous benefits of using a safety razor that women can gain access to. Forget the marketing hype about needing soap strips and moisturising stripes, a double-edged safety razor, combined with a moisturising shaving soap will provide all you needand a shaving brush, and more!

5 reasons why using a sustainable safety razor is better for women

1. Safety razors will save you money

2. The design of safety razors makes it easier to shave sensitive areas

3. They’re more environmentally friendly

4. You can get a closer shave 

5. A reusable safety razor is kinder on your skin giving you less irritation!

Safety razors are less expensive than plastic disposable razors

Whilst they are initially more expensive, women’s safety razors are made from hardwearing materials and will last a lifetime. Unlike plastic disposable razors, where you may find that they are spending a lot each year on replacement disposable razors. Instead, women who use safety razors only need to replace the blades once in a while (about every 5-7 shaves) – saving them money!

Women’s safety razor prices vary depending on what brand you buy and where you purchase it from. Our Mutiny range starts at just £15 and considering these will last a lifetime if looked after, it’s a great investment!

The design of safety razors makes it easier to shave sensitive areas, such as the bikini line 

The design of safety razors makes it easier to shave the bikini line. The thin, flexible top part of a women’s razor allows you to get closer to your skin without causing any nicks or cuts. Using a shaving brush will also help lather up those sensitive areas and will avoid razor rash.

Using a plastic disposable razor can be painful and difficult because there is no flexibility in these types of razors. Safety razors have a thin, top part and the weighted handle allows you to move closer to your skin without causing any nicks or cuts in sensitive areas like the bikini line.

A reusable safety razor is much better for the environment!

It’s no secret that disposable plastic razors are bad for the environment. Most of them end up in landfills where they take hundreds of years to decompose, which means more waste is piling up everywhere! There is a big movement towards sustainable shaving products, but it’s not always been geared towards women. And let’s face it, women do just as much shaving as men!

Since safety razor blades can be recycled and used again, there will eventually be less waste ending up in landfill sites around the world.

A reusable ladies’ shaving blade is much more sustainable than its disposable counterparts, which can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills all around the world! Safety razors with replaceable blades ensure less waste and a greener planet in the future.

You can get a closer shave with less irritation

The secret to getting a close shave with minimal irritation is the double-edged design of safety razors.

Unlike single blade disposable razors, where only one shaving edge makes contact at any given time, ladies safety razor blades have two edges that work together for an even closer & smoother shave.

Using both sides of the same razor blade allows the razor to cut hair neatly, without causing any nicks or cuts. Using two shaving edges makes it easier to reach every single area of your body smoothly and with minimal pain.

Plastic Pollution

As part of your beauty routine, a razor can cause more waste with all the plastic packaging razors come in. However, a safety razor is a once-off purchase and will come in a cardboard or recyclable box so no more plastic waste! Also, ditch those creams, lotions and potions that come in a plastic bottle and swap to a natural shaving soap for even less plastic waste.

Don’t fear the double edge razor blades!

Perhaps part of the reason women have shied away from safety razors is the blades, and not having a protective razor guard that some disposable razors will offer. Fear not! Once you get the hand of using a metal safety razor and changing the eco-friendly razor blades, you will never go back to using a plain old plastic razor!

Investing in high-quality razor blades for your sustainable razor will be a new experience, giving you the perfect shave! It can be a little bit intimidating changing a safety razor blade for the first time, but honestly its quite simple. Just unscrew the top, take the old one out and pop in your new blade. Remember to put the used blade in a blade bank until you are ready to take them for recycling.

Safety razors need less maintenance than disposable ones, and you can get a clean shave with much less irritation. Ingrown hair problems will be a thing of the past and you will wonder how you ever coped without your perfect sustainable razor! The weight in the handle of the reusable razors allows you to glide perfectly down your skin, avoiding razor bumps. This makes them ideal for sensitive skin.

Whilst it might seem that multi-blade razors offer a better shave, actually, a cartridge razor is more likely to cause ingrown hairs and razor burn as the hair can get torn between the multiple blades.

Best Double Edge Safety Razor for Women

When it comes to choosing razors for women it’s best to look for ones that are not only plastic-free but also are designed as women’s razors. Have a weighted handle is good, but getting a slightly lower weight, which is slimmer we have found women prefer.

A razor with a longer handle is also better for women as it allows you to reach parts.. which need reaching to!

Of course, choosing a pretty one is also important! We love the Mutiny Rose Gold plastic-free razor, as it’s the perfect combination of elegance and weight. They also have a stunning range of colourful plastic-free razors, in bright pink, orange, blue and green! The handle has a long grip on it, with the grip going all the way to the top of the razor which is important, and the best news, it’s only £15!

There is no need to opt for expensive razors, eco friendly premium shaving products start from as little as £15. Get yourself a womens razor set to start you or just pick a nice razor and matching natural soap for shaving and get started on your sustainable living journey!

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