Is Shaving With a Safety Razor Better?




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Is It Better To Shave With A Safety Razor?

Short answer: yes! It is better to shave with a DE razor, as it is more comfortable, provides a better close shave, reduces the risk of skin irritation and is usually less expensive. In addition, it has been shown that DE razors are much better for the environment. We give you the full reasons why along with different razor pros & cons comparisons!

Is shaving with a double edge safety razor better?
Safety Razor vs Multi-Blade Cartridge Razors
Single Blade Razor vs Electric Shavers
Safety Razor vs Straight Razor
Conclusion: Shaving with a DE razor is the way forward!

Is shaving with a double edge safety razor better?

We all know people who love to reminisce about how “things were simpler back in the day”. Vegetables were organic because they were grown in the garden, water came out of the tap and doubled edged razors had a single blade.

Nowadays you can get any food, from any part of the world any time of the year. Today there’s a whole aisle of bottled water in most supermarkets, much of which is just filtered tap water, and remarkably there are a similar number of options for razors.

Modern shaving companies would have us believe we need at least 5 blades to get a close shave, preferably surrounded by lubricating strips. You need all this to soften the skin and get the perfect glide while lifting the hairs and cutting them close to the skin.

Purists will point out that lifting the hairs can lead to cutting below the skin resulting in ingrown hairs and that the blades dull quickly so you get tugging at the hair and skin. Multi-blade cartridge razors are also generally much lighter so you have to pull them down the face rather than relying on the weight and balance of the handle.

Environmentalists and anyone who pays attention to what they put in the bin will note that these blades are all encased in plastic making them almost impossible to recycle. The multiple blades with a cartridge razor are also very close together making them very difficult to clean and resulting in them not lasting as long as they might.

Will your safety razor last a lifetime?

In times gone buy products were made to last. Built-in obsolescence is a recent phenomenon and one that is going to have to change if we are to have any hope of conserving the worlds precious resources for future generations, so plastic free razors are back!

If like so many of us you’ve used disposable razors you’ll know they can’t be recycled and so end up in the landfill. Despite the fact that the plastic handle will be around forever, literally hundreds of years, the blades quickly get blunt and so have to be replaced. Even cartridge razors where you keep the handle don’t last as long as they could and you still have to replace the heads often.

High-quality safety razors are bucking this trend. They are built to last, easy to maintain, and there’s really no reason you should ever need to buy more than one.

It is also worth noting that although the price may seem appealing replacing the cartridges is significantly more expensive than replacing a single razor blade and so a traditional safety razor will quickly become more cost-efficient.

Also, cartridge razor manufacturers have an awful tendency to bring our new models far too frequently, resulting in continual razor handle upgrades needing replacement. Whereas a double edge razor technology hasn’t really changed in 100 years! Shaving with a safety razor is probably the same today as it was for your grandad! The razor blades will be the same and just need replacing once the used blade is no longer sharp.

Shaving foam or a brush and soap

When comparing traditional and modern there are also other things to consider. Traditional wet shaving uses a solid shaving soap and a shaving brush that exfoliates the skin as you create the foam. It takes a little more time but creates a lot less waste. A shave brush is great for cleaning and exfoliating the skin which actually reduces the risk of acne!

Safety Razor vs Disposable Cartridge Razor

There are many reasons you might want to consider an old-fashioned safety razor. You get a much closer shave, it’s cheaper in the long run and environmentally friendly too.

Anyone who only uses cartridge razors will find shaving with a double edge safety razor takes some getting used to but the results are worth the effort. Once mastered there’s no going back to the sub-optimal shave that disposable razors give you.

Both safety razors and multi-blade razors can be used by both men and women alike. We are not sure why disposable razor companies change a razor to a pink colour and charge twice the price…

Pros of Using a Safety Razor

For many people, the benefits of a shave with a safety razor far outweigh any potential downsides.

– Shaves much closer to the skin

– No tugging, pulling or nicking the skin with blades that are too close together. You can shave without shaving cream if you choose but it’s not necessary and there will be no residue left behind. It’s because you’re not dragging a blade across your face

– Blades last longer – when they get dull simply replace them rather than throwing away an entire multi-blade razor cartridge every time.

– No expensive cartridges means that over time using a safety razor can save you a lot of money! You just get more blades which cost a lot less money.

– No more landfill waste. Stainless steel razor blades are very easy to recycle.

– Better results on thick hair. Thick hair will still tug and pull no matter what but a single blade safety razor will be less likely to cut the skin

– No clogged razors or bacteria buildup on blades. Keeping your shaving tools clean is essential for avoiding infection, particularly if you have sensitive skin and this is much easier when there is just one blade.

Cons of Using a Safety Razor

A few people will always like to do things exactly how they’re done now, even if it’s not working. But there are downsides of using a safety razor that you should be aware of.

– If this is your first time shaving with a safety razor, especially if you’re used to cartridge razors, it can take some getting used there is a higher learning curve.

– Because they’re heavier than cartridge razors you may need to get used to the weight and balance of a safety razor. However, the weight of the razor is the reason they work so well, as the weight gently glides the blades over your skin. Get your angle right, and the razor does all the shaving leading to a much superior shave!

– Higher upfront costs, however, it’s estimated you should save about £10 per month by using a safety razor. Over the 20 year lifetime of your double-edged safety razor, that’s about £2400…. Your only ongoing cost will be buying replacement safety razor blades which costs pennies each.

There’s no doubt that using de razors takes some getting used to but after you do it will be your best friend. It’ll give you the closest shave of your life, make shaving affordable and eco-friendly, and help reduce landfills for years to come by preventing disposable plastic razors from ending up there. Read this blog you want to find out more about theTop reasons to switch to a safety razor.

So if like many other people who are shaving with cartridge razors you’re thinking of making the switch, or if it’s your first time shaving with a safety razor I can’t recommend this method enough. It is by far the best way to shave and after just one month you will notice that not only has your skin improved but so have your wallet!

Pros of Using a Cartridge Razor

There are several advantages of using a cartridge razor.

– They’re fast. If you’re in a hurry, this is the most efficient method available

– Convenience. Let’s face it they are easy to use.

Cons of Using a Cartridge Razor

There are several disadvantages of using a cartridge razor:

– The blades on cartridge razors are spaced closely together, which means that you’re more likely to experience skin irritation and tugging or pulling of hair. This is especially true if your facial hair is coarse and thick

– Cartridges can be expensive. You may need to replace the cartridge every few weeks depending on how often you shave, which can add up to a lot over time

– Replacement cartridges are not recyclable as they contain plastic and steel. They will end up in landfill sites, which is bad for the environment In conclusion, there is no clear winner between safety razors vs cartridge razors – it’s about what works best for you!

More like to get razor bumps as a result than suffer through razor burn and other skin irritation.

Straight Razors vs Safety Razors

A straight razor is a traditional shaving tool that was used long ago and has recently made a comeback. It’s been said to give the best shave but it requires more skill than using a safety razor or cartridge-based shaver, so let’s compare them:

Straight Razors vs Safety Razors: The Pros & Cons of Straight Razors


– Closest shave possible – the blade is exposed and extremely sharp, meaning that it can get very close to your skin without nicking or cutting you (although like any razor there’s a learning curve). A shave with a straight razor is probably the perfect shave!

– No tugging, pulling or flinching when using which means less irritation for most people.


– A straight razor is one single piece, which means you can’t replace the blade so it needs to be sharpened every few shaves.

– If not used correctly, straight razors can be dangerous which is why it’s not recommended that they be used by beginners.

Straight Razors vs Safety Razors: The Pros & Cons of Safety Razors


– They come with replaceable blades meaning you don’t need to worry about sharpening them or finding the right blade for you.

– They are more affordable, with some models costing less than £20!


– It’s not as close a shave compared to straight razors but it is a great shave.

You need to buy replacement blades, although they are cheap.

If you apply too much pressure you can get nicks, you need to learn to get your angle right and just have a gentle shave.

So although there are pros and cons to both straight razors and safety razors, when it comes down to it the choice is up to you. Many men use cartridge-based shavers because they provide a quick shave that doesn’t take much effort or time but if you want something that provides an extremely close shave then most likely either type of razor would be suitable.

Is Shaving With a Safety Razor Better?

– Yes, the decision to switch from cartridge-based shavers is up to you but if it’s something that interests you then I highly recommend giving safety razors a try. They are much cheaper than straight razors and they come with replaceable blades so there’s no need for honing or sharpening the blade.

– If you’re looking for an extremely close shave then straight razors are the way to go. They provide one of the closest shaves possible and many men find that once they switch it is very hard to go back to cartridge-based shaving methods due to their high level of comfort, closeness and affordability.

What’s the downside to using a safety razor?

– The only real downside to using safety razors is the time it takes to learn how to use them properly. When you first start using a safety razor the learning curve is quite steep and there’s definitely a chance that you will cut yourself or nick your skin if not done properly.

What about shaving with an electric shaver?

– Electric razors are great for men who don’t want to spend too much time shaving and who don’t have sensitive skin. Electric razors are also great for men who travel a lot since they can be used with or without the cord!

However, you can never get a close shave with an electric shaver and they are more likely to cause ingrown hairs. You don’t need to use shaving cream with an electric razor but it is easier if you do.

However, there are many men who can’t stand the feeling of electric razors and find that they cause a lot of irritation to their skin which means an electric razor may not be right for them.

What about travel safety razors?

– Travel safety razors are great because they can be easily disassembled and put back together in your toiletry bag without the risk of cutting yourself on a blade! They also come with their own protective razor lock so there is no need to worry about anything falling out onto the floor!

What is the best way to shave your neck with a safety razor?

– The easiest way to shave your neck with a safety razor is in upward strokes following the grain of your hair growth. This will help protect against ingrown hairs and provide you with an extremely close shave without any risk of cuts or nicks on your skin!

Is shaving with a safety razor dangerous?

– It is very important that you use a safety razor properly because it is a sharp blade! This doesn’t mean it’s dangerous though! Just make sure to take your time and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer (if applicable). Once you have had a safety razor shave, there is no going back!

The choice to switch from cartridge-based shavers is up to you, but if it’s something that interests you then I highly recommend giving safety razors a try. They are much cheaper than shaving with a cartridge system so you will save money. They come with replaceable blades so there’s no need for honing or sharpening the blade. If you’re looking for an extremely close shave then straight razors are the way to go. They provide one of the closest shaves possible and many men find that once they switch it is very hard to go back due to their high level of comfort, closeness, and affordability.

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