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Making Doll Clothes for Baby Dolls

If you are handy with a sewing machine then making dolls clothes is pretty simple and a great way of using up bits of fabric that are too small for other projects. Dolls clothes are great not only because they are small in size but also because children generally love lots of fun contrasting colours so there’s no problem with using a mixture of fabrics.

You might need to find a few smaller accessories than you would use for other projects such as tiny poppers and buttons. And of course velcro is easy for little hands where poppers might be too fiddly. Having said that, learning to master poppers and buttons on dolls clothes is great to practise for getting themselves dressed when they are older.

However if you are not handy with a sewing machine making dolls clothes might be pretty far down your list of things to do. However, we’ve found a few really simple ideas for you to massively increase your dolls clothing collection without having to buy specifically designed dolls clothes.

No Sew Dolls Clothes

If you don’t have a sewing machine maybe you have a glue gun? Hot glue and a piece of fabric (an old shirt works great) is all you need to make a cute outfit for a doll.

Jersey fabric is also great for making dolls clothes or you can use baby clothes and cut to size. If you have an old pair of leggings, joggers or an old sweatshirt you no longer wear the legs of sleeves can be easily turned in to a new dolls dress.

Of course as this is no-sew you need to make sure the size is right for your doll but then it’s just a case of cutting to the length you want and decorating and accessorising however you like. Make sure you don’t cut the seam when you are making the armholes and add as much or as little decoration as you like.

For smaller dolls a sock can also work really well for this.

Scarf and ribbon, possibly with the addition of an elastic band are also perfect for making dolls dresses. You can wrap a scarf around a doll just as you would wrap a sarong around yourself at the beach.

Using a scarf you can create a different style of dress from a simple tube dress to a cute halter neck dress. And of course, the best thing is that you can change it up as much as you like without damaging the scarves.

Another great option is to find an elastic band that will comfortably fit around the doll’s waist and fold the scarf over this to use as a waistband. Then you can create a cute ruffled skirt without needing to have any idea how to sew ruffles on a sewing machine.

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