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Homemade DIY Doll House Furniture

If you have a beautiful wooden dolls house the next thing you need to do is fill it with wooden dolls furniture. Many children’s dolls houses come with furniture and dolls but plenty do not, especially if you are lucky enough to pick one up second-hand or inherit an heirloom from family or friends.

There is a huge range of dollhouse furniture available from simple child-friendly pieces to ornate miniature replica items. But if you are up for it, you might find it fun to make your own.

If you happen to be handy in the workshop and have some tools you might be thinking about making some high quality hand-crafted wooden items. If this is the case there are plenty of websites that give detailed plans. However, if you are looking more for a weekend craft project that the kids can get involved with then these easy DIY ideas might be just the ticket.

Easy DIY craft ideas

A quick search online should bring up hoards of simple ideas that are fun to make and will save you a few pennies.

  • Cutting the bottom off a detergent bottle makes a great bathtub.
  • A few kitchen sponges, some fabric and a glue gun can be used to make sofa cushions and mattresses comfy enough for any doll.
  • Matchboxes stuck together and painted make excellent dollhouse chests of drawers. Just make sure you don’t forget to take out the matches.
  • Lollipop sticks feature fairly heavily being the dollhouse equivalent of pallet wood, being used to make everything from wardrobes to beach chairs.

Simple wooden dollhouse furniture

If you have a few basic DIY skills and tools then you can make some lovely simple wooden dollhouse furniture that will look great.

Simple wooden blocks of different sizes can be painted to make kitchen units, a washing machine and fridge, tables, chairs beds and more.

Paint and decorate with knobs and buttons where needed and you have some great hard wearing furniture that will stand up well to being played with. Once you have made the blocks or found some to re-purpose, the kids can easily get involved with the painting and decorating.

Mini Tree slices that might be used as coasters or table decoration can be made into very cute modern waney edge tables. And sticks you find on a walk in the woods could become the most beautiful rustic handrail or central pole for a spiral staircase.

Dolls Houses for everyone

We believe there are lots of reasons why every child should have a dolls house, but they can be both expensive and take up a lot of space. Building your own dollhouse and making your own dollhouse furniture can be a great way to create a toy that perfectly fits your space and budget.

Plus you can have a lot of fun in the process!

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