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DIY Wooden Peg Dolls

Choosing the right toys is important to a child’s growth and development. Most toys are designed to be entertaining but there are toys that are both entertaining and educational. Wooden toys are great examples of good developmental toys. These toys are used in Montessori style of teaching where children are encouraged to explore and learn new concepts through play rather than by direct instruction. Wooden toys such as peg dolls are amazing first toys for little kids. But you have to be careful though because peg dolls are small and they are potential choking hazards.

Peg dolls are popular toys because they provide hours of fun and entertainment. They come either painted or unpainted. Painted peg dolls often come in sets and are brightly-coloured. Unpainted peg dolls are used and ideal for DIY arts and crafts which can be a creative bonding moment for you and your child.

Making your own peg doll is actually simple and easy. You only need a little creativity and you can make a wonderful doll. With how simple it is to make your own peg dolls, your child would definitely love making them.

First you need a peg doll. You can either buy an unpainted peg doll or wooden dolly pegs. If you opted to get wooden dolly pegs, you need to buy wood beads as well. Unpainted peg dolls are easier to make than wooden dolly pegs. With wooden dolly pegs, it’s recommended to use an old knife to make the wood bead hole larger. After that, sand down the top of the peg using coarse sandpaper. Apply a small amount of glue then attach the top of the peg into the bead hole. Then paint the upper part of your peg doll with your preferred skin tone or just leave it as it is. It’s entirely up to you.

Draw a face on your doll using either a small round paint brush or permanent marker. You can use a toothpick for the eyes if you are painting your peg doll.

You can use wool or yarn to make the hair of your peg doll. You can also paint it with acrylic paint. If you decide to paint it, it would be easier if you make an outline first. When using yarn or wool for hair, use a little creativity and give your doll a haircut.

For wooden dolly pegs, bend a pipe cleaner around the torso for arms and glue into place. If you are working on unpainted peg dolls, you can just draw the arms depending on where you want to position them or just don’t draw them at all.

As for clothing, you can use scrap fabric and wool for wooden dolly pegs. They are super easy to make. You can use more creativity here. For instance, you can make a circle dress for your peg doll. Cut the edges using a pair of zigzag scissors to give it a style. Fold the fabric into quarters then cut away the tip. Slip your doll into the hole and make another 2 smaller holes for the arms.

For finishing touches, use clear coat varnish to protect your peg doll from chipping if you are using unpainted peg dolls for your project. Or if you are working on wooden peg dolly, simply colour the bottom of the peg using a marker with your preferred footwear style.

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