How To Keep Bar Soap From Getting Soggy




How To Keep Bar Soap From Getting Soggy

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Do you hate it when your bar soap gets all slimy and gross? It seems like no matter how often you use it, it always turns into a soggy mess.

Well, today we’re going to teach you some tips and tricks on how to keep bar soap from getting soggy which not only makes it better to use but will also help make the soap last longer.

To get the most out of your bar of soap you need to let it dry out between uses so you don’t end up with a soggy mess that falls apart. If your soap is constantly wet it breaks down more easily and you will need to replace it more frequently.

There are a number of ways you can help keep your soap bar from getting soggy and make it last longer.

Keep It Away From Water

This is probably a pretty obvious one but it’s a particularly important one if you are using soap in the shower as you can often find the soap is directly under the shower flow and therefore getting wet far more than is necessary.

Ideally, keep your soap outside the shower or at least make sure it is out of the water flow in a soap dish with good drainage.

Using a good soap dish with adequate drainage is one of the best ways to make sure your soap dries out between uses.

Something with holes in or a corrugated base works well. The less of the bar that is in contact with the dish the better really so there is more airflow around the soap and it can dry out more quickly.

Be sure to clean out your soap dishes regularly, especially if you live in a humid climate, as this will help prevent mold and mildew from growing on your soap.

We prefer eco friendly soap dishes, made from wood rather than plastic. A wooden slatted soap dish is much better than a suction soap dish because it allows more air to circulate around the soap.

There are a number of different types of soap saver dishes that you can find online or in stores that will help keep your soap dry and prolong its life. Some have drainage holes, while others are slatted to allow air to circulate.

Use a drying rack or mat

If you don’t have a soap dish that drains well or if you want to be extra sure your soap dries out between uses, using a drying rack or mat can help.

A draining soap dish on top of a drying rack or mat will help ensure good airflow and prevent your soap from sitting in water. The key in whatever you use, whether a dish or a wire rack, is allowing the air flow around the soap. 

Keep It Cool and Dry

Store your soap in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as this can cause the soap to degrade more quickly.

Consider Hanging Your Soap

If a good soap dish isn’t an option or isnt working out for you, consider hanging your soap bars in a soap saver bag. There are lots of soap bags or socks you can buy but a simple organza bag works well too. Read our guide to what is a soap sock here.

Organza bags are also really handy for when your bar soap gets a bit too small to use easily without dropping it, and it helps you get a good rich lather from the soap meaning you end up using less so your bar of soap will last even longer.

A soap bag not only allows your soap to dry out, but you can put all the ends and soap pieces of the soap in there, so absolutely none is wasted.

Hang your soap bag on a hook in the bathroom or close to the sink, or even on the shower head (but out of the shower stream) so it’s easy to grab when you need it. It’s important to allow air circulation around the soap.

Allowing soap to air dry is vital and this includes all types of bars, not just soap from shampoo bars and conditioner bars (see our range of shampoo bars and conditioner bars here), but also shower blocks. You can cut the bar when soap saving and just use half the bar soap at once.

Give Your Soap an Extra Cure Before Using

Another top tip is to let your soap dry out a bit more before you start using it. Allowing the soap to harden makes it less likely to get soggy as it’s less permeable to the water.

If you’ve made your soap from coconut oil, cocoa butter or olive oil rather than palm oil, an extra soap cure will work wonders, plus it has the added benefit of allowing the essential oils and their fragrances to permeate better.

Use a Washcloth or Sponge Instead of Your Hands

If you are using soap in the shower it’s a good idea to use a washcloth or a sponge instead of your hands. Doing this will mean you use less soap as the washcloth or sponge help you get a better lather. But also the soap spends less time getting wet and more time drying out.

Use Cooler Water

This might be less appealing but the fact is that the hotter the water the soggier your soap will get. So if you’ve tried the other options and you still have soggy soap maybe turn down the temperature just a touch.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to keep bar soap from getting soggy. Do you have any other tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

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