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Wooden balls are amazing toys. Your little children get so much value out of these wooden balls. These toys are easy to play but are so flexible that children can play them however they want. If your children are into arts and crafts, they can use wooden balls even the smaller ones which are referred to as beads as materials for their projects.

It is easy to understand why many children love playing with wooden balls. But after a few play sessions, these toys will become dirty and grubby. Wooden balls do not collect dirt and germs as much as plastic toys thanks to wood’s natural antibacterial properties. Many studies show that due to wood’s porous surface, moisture and bacteria are being absorbed from the surface and die eventually instead of multiplying. However, it is still generally considered a good practice to clean them regularly.

Many parents dread the thought of cleaning wooden balls. Perhaps this is the reason why some of them, especially parents that are busy, stay away from wooden toys in general. Nevertheless, the belief that cleaning wooden balls is a grueling process is certainly not true at all. Yes, there are certain preparations you need to do as well as things to consider when cleaning wooden balls. Although the cleaning process is not as simple as dumping toys into a dishwasher like you would when cleaning most plastic balls, the entire process of cleaning wooden balls is still pretty simple and easy to follow.

The first thing you need to know when cleaning wooden balls is how often you should clean these toys. Many experts recommend cleaning toys on a weekly basis. However, you should clean your wooden balls as soon as they become grubby and covered with dirt. Disinfecting toys after an illness is also highly recommended.

Now that you know how often you should clean your wooden balls the next thing you need to remember is that wood is porous which means that it will absorb moisture and liquid from the surface. This is the reason why you should never soak or submerge your wooden balls in water or any liquid solution. Doing so does more harm than good.

Start cleaning your wooden balls by preparing your preferred cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Using a spray bottle lets you control how much liquid cleaning solution goes into the surface of your wooden balls. Drenching your wooden balls with a cleaning solution is also not a good idea because it is the same as submerging your wooden balls in water. You can use mild dish soap or any non-toxic multipurpose cleaning soap. Castile soap which is a versatile vegetable-based soap is highly recommended if you want to keep everything natural.

Once your cleaning solution is ready, spray some of it into your wooden balls. Scrub any obvious dirt and grime using a sponge or soft bristle cleaning brush. Wipe your wooden balls clean with a damp cloth while spraying occasionally. Additionally, make sure to wipe any excess cleaning solution from your wooden balls before drying.

You can either air dry your wooden balls overnight or sun dry them. Sun drying is good because the heat of the sun is a natural antibacterial but remember to not let them sit there for too long because it could cause damage to their paint and finish.

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