How to Choose the Right Stacking Rings for Your Toddler




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Stacking ring toys may appear simple but they are great for entertaining your children as well as facilitate early learning. Knowing how to stack objects on top of each other shows that your little one has developed her fine motor skills, critical thinking and imagination. Their simplicity is what makes stacking toys popular with babies and toddlers. Indeed, even the easiest and simplest stacking of rings contains the seeds of a creative and imaginative mind.

As parents, we only want what is best for our children and if we can afford it, we want them to play with the finest toys available. However, expenstive does not always mean fun. There are many toys that cost so much but offer so little in the way of helping our children develop essential skills at an early age. Sure, these toys are packed with features and while they are fun to play, they do not have much developmental value. You should want to maximise your child’s learning potential by letting her play with toys that offer exceptional play and developmental value like stacking ring toys.

Stacking ring toys come in a wide range of shapes, designs, colours and materials. So buy a stacking ring that you are sure that your child will be interested in. You should also take into account your child’s age and behaviour when picking the right stacking ring toy. For instance, if your child is still teething and mouthing her toys, then you should choose something that is soft.

Additionally, choose wooden stacking ring toys instead of plastic. If your child is prone to putting toys and objects into her mouth then we do not recommend plastic toys. Different kinds of plastic are being used to make toys and if you are unsure what kind of plastic your stacking toy is made from then you are better off with a wooden stacking ring toy instead. Moreover, wooden stacking rings are eco-friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals and elements like lead and BPA or bisphenol A. Wood also has natural antibacterial properties but that is not to say you can skip cleaning your child’s stacking rings. If your child loves to mouth her toys, the more reason you need to clean her toys regularly.


Check for the size of the stacking rings and any potential hazards. The stacking ring toy should be finished with non-toxic water based paint and should not have any rough edges.

Most stacking ring toys have bright colours and little children are attracted to them. Babies and toddlers love colours so buying a colourful stacking ring toy will definitely catch their attention and entertain them. When they grow older, your children can use these toys to learn about colours, shapes and numeracy.

Some stacking ring toys have more features than others. Choose something that will grow with your baby. For example, Bigjigs First Flower Stacker is a good starter stacking ring toy and when your little one knows her numbers she can stack the stacking rings of the colour based on the number indicated on the peg label.

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