How long does a travel mug stay hot for?




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Whether you are going to the office or off for a picnic with the family, travel mugs are the most convenient way to keep your beverage hot throughout the day without going through the trouble of reheating. There are many things that can affect the length of time a travel mug can keep your beverage hot for. This includes the material and quality of the material of the travel mug.

How long does a travel mug stay hot for?

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Reusable travel mugs have been tested for their ability to keep liquid warm. The most effective material for travel mugs has proven to be stainless steel. Stainless steel travel mugs maintain the temperature of a liquid for hours. This is because steel condenses on the inside which increasing insulation. But, travel mugs with greater heat retention rates are often more expensive. For example, the Klean Kanteen Wide Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug, made of stainless steel, has an insulation time of 10 hours for hot liquids and 30 hours for cold liquids. Whereas, plastic travel mugs can only maintain the temperature of a hot beverage for an hour or two.

Many high-quality travel mugs are vacuum insulated and double walled. These travel mugs have an extra insulation layer for temperature control and a gas-tight enclosure. This prevents air from escaping and entering the travel mug and keeps the temperature of the liquid hotter for longer.

The quality and length of time a travel mug retains the heat of the liquid is often reflected in the price of the mug. Research has confirmed that the more expensive the travel mug, the longer the liquid would remain hot for. The Klean Kanteen Wide Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug costing £25.96 made of stainless steel can retain the temperature of hot liquids up to 8 hours and cold liquids up to 24 hours. Whereas, the rCup Reusable Coffee Cup made of recycled coffee cups costs £11. But the cup only has an insulation time of 90 minutes for hot liquids. Thus, you get what you pay for in terms of material, material quality and temperature retention rates.

Glass is also a popular material for travel mugs. Although glass is an insulator, it does not have the capacity to keep the temperature of a liquid hot for a long time. Glass is often combined with plastic and silicone to prevent heat loss and to make the mug safer to drink from. The Neon glass mugs make a great budget friendly option.

When choosing a reusable travel mug the price can range between £1 to £30. Travel mugs that are more expensive are made of high-quality stainless steel for better heat retention. These travel mugs are often also vacuum insulated and double walled. Whereas, cheaper plastic alternatives will only keep your beverage’s temperature hot for an hour or two. If you only need a travel mug for occasional use, then a cheaper option may be the choice for you. But if you need a robust travel mug for everyday use, a more expensive mug which keeps your beverage hotter for longer is the perfect option for you.

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