How Long Do Reusable Sanitary Pads Usually Last?




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Reusable Pads

So you have been planning to make a switch to reusable pads for some time now but have decided to go through it. You want to reduce your waste and want to make some lifestyle changes towards living sustainably. However you are still hesitant in pulling the trigger because you the initial financial investment might be too steep for your current financial situation and you are not sure how long these pads are going to last.

On average, a reusable pad could last for 5 years. However this entirely depends on a lot of factors including but not limited to how you look after them, how you use them and how you wash them.

How often you use your reusable pads

This is one factor that is the easiest to predict. If you bought yourself more reusable pads than you can use then they will probably last for a very long time. Likewise, if you are using reusable pads only as backup for let’s say a menstrual cup, then you would not be using it as often as you should which could keep it in good condition for a quite a while.

How you wash your reusable pads

This is one of the most important factors that determines how long your reusable pads would last. If you want them to last, you would have to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. You should wash and dry them in the temperature and manner indicated by the manufacturer. Deviating from their instructions could damage your reusable pad and it will lose its integrity. When this happens, your pad might not be as effective as it once was. Washing your pads in a different temperature than what is indicated in the care instructions could cause visible damage, stretching and wear and tear. Likewise, pads made from thick fabrics might not get a proper wash especially if you wash it in temperatures cooler than what was recommended and could lead to residue build up.

Your choice of detergent also affects how long your washable pads would last. Using strong detergents or powdered ones would cause your pads core layers to stiffen. Stiff pads might begin to cause irritation and you do not want that.

You should also stay away from fabric softeners unless recommended otherwise.


The quality of materials used in your reusable sanitary pads is another determining factor on how long it will last. It goes without saying that higher quality materials last longer than those of lower quality. You should go in with an open mind that quality control is never perfect. The quality of materials might vary for each product. It is also recommended to read reviews from other buys to make sure that the product you are planning to buy is tried and tested.

In conclusion, a reusable pad has an estimated lifespan of at least 5 years. Read product descriptions and heed to the manufacturer’s recommendations and warnings. Most manufacturers often include a recommendation as to when you should replace your reusable pad with a new one.

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