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Leaking is a clear and ever-present problem that breastfeeding mums need to deal with. You should not be alarmed if you experience leaking because you are not alone. While some mums do not experience leaking at all, it is a common and totally normal problem to have if you are breastfeeding. Fortunately, there are many ways to manage leaking including wearing breast pads.

There are many ways to deal with leaking and one of the most common and popular ways to manage it is wearing breast pads. Breast pads absorb milk and prevent it from getting into your wardrobe. They are a necessity if you are leaking especially if you go to work or go out often.

Do you need to wear breast pads?

You will have to wear breast pads if you are leaking. You can use other accessories like a handkerchief to absorb leaking milk but you would eventually need something like breast pads.

Breast pads come in a wide selection of designs, sizes, fabrics and designs. You can buy disposables or reusable pads which are ecofriendly. Both are good for absorbing leaks however reusable breast pads come highly recommended because using them saves you money as well as help reduce your waste. Sure, reusable breast pads have a more expensive upfront cost but you will be saving money overtime. Unlike disposables that you need to buy often especially if you are leaky, you do not have to buy reusable breast pads as often as you would with disposables.

How many breast pads do you need?

How many breast pads you need depends entirely on you. If you are leaking too often then you would need more than one because you would need to change them at least twice a day. Furthermore, if you are always out of the house you would need extra breast pads with you, just in case.

Every breastfeeding mum is different so your needs might be different than others. If you do not have an idea how many breast pads you need to buy, count how many times you lean during the day. You would also need to replace breast pads before going to bed and in the morning when you get up. You might need many breast pads during the first few weeks from the time you started breastfeeding your baby. You should take into account how often you do your laundry if you are using reusable breast pads. For instance, if you do your laundry every other day you would need twice the number of breast pads.

How long do reusable breast pads usually last?

This depends entirely on the brand, how often you use them and the quality of the reusable breast pads. Most reusable breast pads do not last forever and will need to be replaced every 3 months on average. Your manufacturer should provide you with the relevant information as to when you should stop using your reusable breast pads and how to tell if it’s time to buy new reusable breast pads. Do not ignore your manufacturer’s instructions, if they advise you to stop using your reusable breast pads after a certain period of time, then you should follow their instructions.

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