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How do collapsible water bottles work.

Compact water bottles have become a must-have travel accessory, saving space, money and the planet all at the same time. They are perfect for flights, hiking adventures, backpacking, music festivals and camping. But they are also a great solution for easy hydration on your everyday adventures.

There are many different brands and styles of collapsible or foldable water bottles available that all work in different ways. However, they can broadly be split into two categories, bottles that collapse as you drink from them, and more rigid bottles that you purposefully collapse.

The Rex London foldable bottles would fall into the first category, and will already be flat by the time you finish drinking the content. While the Que silicone bottles have a clever spiral design that you actively expand and collapse as required.

The design also affects how much space the bottles will take up when they are empty. The Rex bottles are completely flat for example when they are empty other than the mouthpiece, whereas the Que bottle shrinks in height but maintains the same diameter.

Que bottles clever collapsible design

Que collapsible bottles have a clever spiral design that allows then to shrink to roughly half their expanded height when they are collapsed while still being a usable bottle. This means you essentially get two sized bottles in one, and the bottle takes up much less space in your bag when you’re not using it.

Unlike the many of the foldable/flat bottles, which admittedly take up virtually no space when empty, Que bottles have a wide neck to drink from which is easy to fill and allows you to add ice to your drinks without needing a special ice tray.

The wide mouth also makes these bottles really easy to clean, even if you don’t have a dishwasher, making this a great bottle for everyday use.

Finally because the bottle is made of silicone it is extremely flexible and durable. Silicone doesn’t like sharps so you don’t want to keep it with knives or scissors but you can squeeze it, squash it and drop it without doing any damage. And silicone can take extremes of temperature so you can freeze it and use it for hot drinks (just be aware that it’s not insulated so you will feel the temperature through the bottle.

Rex super slim lightweight foldable bottles.

The Rex collapsible bottles are made of plastic (BPA free of course) and are completely flat other than the mouthpiece when empty. The design is incredibly simple, just a plastic pouch with a small sports top style mouthpiece that you unscrew in order to fill with water, squash, juice etc.

These funky bottles come in two sizes, 200ml for kids and 480ml that comes with a handy little clip, and are incredibly reasonable at £2.95 making them the perfect emergency bottle to have in your bag, and great for kids lunches or picnics.

These bottles are also super handy to have with you at festivals or for days out when there are plenty of places to refill a bottle and you don’t really want to be carrying a heavy and bulky bottle of water around with you all day.

What is a collapsible water bottle?

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