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One of the simplest ways we can make a positive difference in the world is to think more about the things we are buying and where we are buying them from. Whether you are looking for a new throw for your sofa, a gift for a friend or toys for your children we can all make more ethical buying decisions.

Our beautiful range of throws are all ethically made and fairly traded, and the great thing is there are so many beautiful options that there is no need to compromise of style or quality just because you are choosing to buy ethically.

Throws and blankets make the perfect gift because you can never really have too many blankets. They are great for keeping cosy on cold winter nights or even allowing you to stay outside longer on summer evenings. They are great for draping over the end of the bed and perfect for camping or glamping holidays. And of course, if you have children they are vital for den building.

Why Buy Ethical and Fairly Traded Throws?

Buying ethical goods and services is a great way of making a small but meaningful difference every time we spend our money. When you buy one of our ethical sofa throws you are supporting sustainable development in some of the poorest areas in the world as well as the continuation of artisan skills.

Many of our throws are also made of recycled materials meaning you reducing the number of resources that need to be produced and so you are doing your bit for the planet as well as the people that live on it. The recycled PET throws are incredibly soft, so much so that it’s hard to believe they are actually made from recycled bottles. And we love the idea behind reSpiins throws that are made from recycled woollen clothing meaning that everyone is unique.

ReSpin throws are super cosy and very similar in style and texture to more traditional woollen blankets. However, they are made entirely from old recycled wool or wool mix clothing. Unwanted clothing is collected from recycling centred and sorted by colour, then cleaned and broken down into fibres and rewoven into throws and cushion covers with no dying or other processing. The colours are a result of the original clothing. And the resulting fabric is a minimum of 65% wool with 35% other fibres.

The recycled PET throws are made in India by a company that pays street children for plastic bottles that they collect from the street so buying these not only helps to provide valuable income but also helps deal with the issue of plastic waste. The resulting fabric is not only very soft but it can also be machine washed and tumble friend making it a great option for picnics outside or families with children where throws and blankets can easily get grubby.

We also love the fair trade cotton throws that are not only very stylish and great for adding a little colour and texture to your home, but they are perfect for adding an extra layer when you are cosying up on the sofa.

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