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  • How to Use Reusable Makeup Pads

    How to Use Reusable Makeup Pads

    When switching to reusable alternatives there’s always a worry about how well they will work and how much you will have to adjust your routine. We think the best switches aren’t just the ones that make the most initial impact but the ones that fit seamlessly into your routine so you stick with the switch…

  • What are the Best Tony’s Chocolonely Flavours?

    What are the Best Tony’s Chocolonely Flavours?

    When it comes to Tony’s Chocolonely, we often focus on the company’s philosophy that we forget they make some pretty amazing chocolate flavours. For a taste of the best of Tony’s Chocolonely flavours, you can always order a bar or two from Baba Me. So, what are the best chocolate flavours from Tony’s Chocolonely? Here…

  • The Best Sustainable Teacher Gifts

    The Best Sustainable Teacher Gifts

    Our selection of sustainable teacher gifts includes everything from natural personal care items like natural soaps and beauty products, to ethical clothing pieces such as bamboo socks.

  • Hair Care

    Hair Care

    Did you know natural hair care products can provide a number of benefits for your hair and scalp? Find out the top ten benefits by reading our blog post today!

  • Plastic Free Shaving

    Plastic Free Shaving

    Discover our wide range of reusable razors, blades, natural shaving soap and shaving kits to start zero waste shaving today! Shop now to get a close natural shave!

  • Kids Bath Bombs

    Kids Bath Bombs

    We make bath time fun again. Our colourful, plastic-free bath bombs are made with pure ingredients to calm kids’ minds before bedtime. Kids will be entertained, parents will get a moment to breathe, and everybody is happy!

  • Why Is My Himalayan Salt Lamp Wet?

    Why Is My Himalayan Salt Lamp Wet?

    Is your Himalayan salt lamp wet and you are not sure why? The simple answer to this question is that salt attracts water. Your giant block of salt get’s soggy In the same way salt shakers easily get damp and clogged up. However, unlike a salt shaker, you can’t just chuck in a spoonful of…