Eco-friendly stocking fillers




Eco-friendly stocking fillers

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There are a number of ways you can go when it comes to choosing stocking fillers. Practical gifts you would have to buy anyway, traditional items like wooden toys, oranges and sweet treats, everything on their wish list that will fit, or cheap often plastic items that provide a bit of fun and keep them busy Christmas morning.

If you’ve found yourself becoming more conscious of waste in the last 12 months, and let’s be honest who hasn’t, then you might be wondering whether you want to buy the same types of stocking stuffers you have in previous years.

Luckily there are loads of options for eco-friendly stocking fillers that still tick all the boxes.

Eco-friendly stocking filler alternatives to traditional stocking stuffers

If you’re stockings usually contain a few essentials beautifully wrapped to make them feel like special gifts then Christmas is the perfect time to make some greener choices for gift ideas. Sustainable stocking fillers for the whole family is a great idea. Why not opt for a bamboo toothbrush, organic cotton undies, bamboo socks and natural bath and body products? There are lots of environmentally friendly stocking fillers available, and just because they are zero waste does not mean that thy don’t make amazing gifts! When you give eco friendly gifts and sustainable gifts, is like double gifts. A gift to the lucky recipient and one for the planet! 

Real soap, as in bars of soap, is making a come back as more and more people are trying to reduce their plastic waste and are great for little gift ideas and sustainable stocking fillers for everyone!. We think the Soap on a rope from Agnes and Cat is the perfect stocking filler as its a bit quirky, all-natural and smells amazing! Bath bombs also make the perfect little treat to find at the bottom of your stocking, the natural ones are great for eco kids, and we love the daisy rainbow duck-shaped soaps and smells amazing! But we have soaps for gardeners, for children, for everyone! They are small, smell fabulous and the perfect eco friendly stocking fillers for the entire family!

If Chocolate and sweets tend to make an appearance then that’s an easy switch aswell. There are lots of fair trade brands available and you can even get fair trade chocolate coins for sustainable stocking stuffers. We love the tonys chocoloney xmas pouch which can be split up across several stocking stuffers.

Wooden toys and games don’t need an alternative you just need to pick the wooden ones over their plastic counterparts. Big Jigs make some fantastic stocking filler toys and games including noughts and crosses, spinning tops, Kaleidoscopes and their super awesome road, rail and runway tape that each come with a little wooden vehicle. Of course everything from us is plastic free and comes in recyclable packaging or recycled packaging (if any packaging!).

Planet Friendly Stocking ideas for adults

Going green is cool so why not get your loved ones a few eco-friendly items they can use in their everyday life. From little things for the house like sustainable wooden utensils, you can make it a mission to turn your house green next year which the treasure in the stockings!

We think that stainless steel water bottles and reusable coffee cups make great gifts and with so many designs to choose from you can find something they will really love. Plus the gift of hot coffee every morning even if you’ve forgotten about it for two hours is a gift that will be appreciated long term, not just on Christmas morning.

If your recipient takes a packed lunch to school or work or even just enjoys a picnic in the park then reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags make great stocking fillers. And you could even fill them with yummy homemade fudge or other sweets.

And although they might not seem like the best gifts we love a few plastic-free alternatives as stocking stuffers. The coconut scourers will mean you never have to throw away another plastic scrubby sponge again, and who wouldn’t be delighted with a natural deodorant in their stocking?

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