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Choosing Eco-Friendly Kids Drinks Bottles

Staying hydrated is vital whatever your age and many of us are actually dehydrated on a regular basis. If you are feeling thirsty then you are already dehydrated and so you really do need access to water all day long. Having a reusable kids water bottles helps them stay hydrated wherever they are without needing to buy disposable water bottles.

Any reusable water bottle is better than a single-use bottle after a certain number of uses. And that’s the key, you do have to reuse them. However not all reusable bottles are the same and it can be hard to judge which bottles are really the best in terms of their environmental impact.

Durable Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

If we want to reduce waste and limit our negative impact on the planet the biggest thing we can do is reduce the amount of stuff we buy.

Reducing the amount of stuff we buy can impact almost every area in our lives. This could be being really careful to only buy the amount of food we actually need and not throwing food away, or actively choosing food that isn’t packaged in plastic. It could mean mending things, our clothes, our shoes, our kid’s toys etc. And it could be repurposing or refurbishing things we already have.

When it comes to water bottles for children choosing a durable bottle that can survive a few accidents will really help in reducing the amount we buy. Fixing a plastic bottle when it’s cracked is virtually impossible, and you can’t do mu7ch with a water bottle that doesn’t hold water.

Stainless steel bottles win hands down when it comes to durability as you bash them about pretty much as you like with nothing more than a cosmetic effect. This isn’t true of all metal bottles even as aluminium bottles, for example, have to have a lining which can get damaged.

The Environmental Impact of Stainless Steel

It is important to think about the impact of any material we choose to use. Single-use plastic is undeniably wasteful and turning oil into plastics that are used for such a short time is not a good use of resources.

But turning iron ore into stainless steel is energy-intensive, meaning that oil is also used in the manufacture of steel bottles. This means that if you don’t reuse your bottle it can have a negative impact.

Stainless steel, however, is far more durable than plastic, can be recycled more efficiently and doesn’t degrade over time so you really could and should be using your bottle for years.

The Best Eco-Friendly Kids Drinks Bottles

There are lots of great bottles for kids but if we had to choose one it would be Klean Kanteen. They have a great range of sizes, you can choose whether you want an insulated or single wall version, and the lids are interchangeable meaning you can go from a sippy cup to a sports cap as your little one grows.

FOSH bottles are also excellent if you don’t need a small-sized bottle, and their straw cap is also available separately so you can replace the cap and keep the bottle going for longer.

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