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Little children learn by doing and playing. Exploring the things around them and playing with toys facilitate learning in so many ways. This means that choosing the right toys is important to maximise our children’s learning potential. Toys like Noah’s Ark playsets provide children a great opportunity to practice and develop new skills at their own pace. Most children love to break apart, arrange and rearrange, disassemble and reassemble their toys.

Noah’s Ark toys are the kind of toys that have tremendous developmental value. Children will have hours upon hours of fun, creative and imaginative play. These toys usually come with a few accessories like wooden animals and Mr and Mrs Noah. These small toys are designed with your children’s tiny hands in mind so they can easily grasp and hold on to these toys.

The use of the muscles in the hand and fingers with coordination with the eyes develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination during the early developmental stages. It’s very important for little children to develop these skills because they need them to perform certain actions when they grow older. We need fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to use simple tools like scissors, spoons and forks as well as performing simple tasks like buttoning our shirts or tying shoelaces.

Animal toys are often included in most Noah’s Ark toys. Children can learn more about these animals and how to take care of them. Playing with these animal toys teaches children empathy, compassion and respect towards animals.

Children can enjoy playing Noah’s Ark or animal/vet toys alone but they are more fun with friends. These toys encourage social interactions and cooperation with others. When children play with their friends, they become more social and allow them to express themselves better. Playing with friends also helps children improve their communications skills and expand their vocabulary. You can also use a Noah’s Ark toy for your bedtime storytelling. Encourage your children to participate and retell the stories using their own words.

Noah’s Ark toys are considered as open-ended toys. In a way, they are open-ended toys because there’s no one way to play them which is a good thing that allows children to use their imagination and creativity to have a fun playtime. Playing with such toys enables children to think for themselves. This is particularly helpful with rapid brain development. When children grow older, they will be faced with real life problems and if they can think for themselves they will be able to solve any problem or challenge that comes their way.

Some Noah’s Ark toys are massive in size that they can fit an average size toddler. This variation of Noah’s Ark toy is also a good storage option for other toys and they can double as a pull along toy. A Noah’s Ark pull along toy is great for encouraging movement which helps children develop gross motor skills, strength, balance and coordination.They can bring their other toys along with them in their adventures.

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