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Natural conditioner bars are made with eco-friendly organic ingredients that will leave your hair feeling soft and healthy.  You’ll love how soft your hair feels after using our natural conditioner bars because they contain no harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

And if you’ve already switched from shampoo to natural shampoo bars, why wait?

Natural conditioner bars are great for restoring and maintaining healthy, natural hair without any worry about harmful side effects or plastic packaging. Plus they smell amazing too.

Conditioning Hair Naturally

The problem with most shampoos and conditioners is that they contain harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens and phthalates. These ingredients can cause scalp irritation, dry out hair and are wrapped in single use plastic packaging. This is where a shampoo and conditioner bar can make a huge difference.

Whilst you might be familiar with shampoo bars, if you are looking for naturally shiny hair and you already use a solid shampoo, you will know how much it will keep your hair soft. The next step is a conditioner bar!

Your regular conditioner probably comes in a plastic bottle so time to check out an eco-friendly option that comes without unnecessary plastic. They smell nice and a shampoo and conditioner bar will dramatically reduce your plastic bottle usage.

Once you tried a conditioner bar, trust us you will never go back to a liquid conditioner!

At the same time, it’s hard to find a natural shampoo or conditioner bar that works well enough for your hair type. Many of them don’t lather up very well so you’re not sure if they’re actually cleaning your hair or just leaving residue behind.

Other bars leave your hair feeling oily and heavy because they rely on harsh chemical detergents instead of natural surfactants from coconut oil, which are gentle but effective at removing dirt from your locks without stripping away their essential oils.

You deserve a solid conditioner that will leave your hair feeling soft and healthy without any harmful side effects or plastic packaging to throw away. Our hand-curated range of 100% natural conditioner bars will do just that! We’ve tried and tested these endlessly so you don’t have to!

Solid conditioner bars are made with organic shea butter and plant-based waxes that nourish each strand without weighing down your hair as you wash it clean! 

Natural conditioner is a great way to keep your hair healthy every day of the week by conditioning it after shampooing – just rub gently into wet hair, leave it for a few minutes then rinse out completely before styling as usual.

The best part about solid conditioners is that you can take them anywhere because there’s no plastic packaging involved! They come in an aluminum tin so you can pop it in your purse while traveling or store it on a shelf at home without worrying about spills from traditional shampoos or conditioners that come in single-use plastic bottles.

Why use a Plastic Free Solid Conditioner Bar?

First off, they do not come with any packaging or if they do it’s 100% recyclable. Second, they are guaranteed cruelty-free and most are vegan. We all have to reduce our plastic consumption and this is an easy way to achieve that! 

Combine with an environmentally friendly shampoo bar and suddenly your bathroom has a lot less plastic bottles in it clogging up your shower!

Instead of using plastic-containing products like liquid bottled conditioners or other hair care items that contribute to our landfills after only one-time usage; try making the switch to zero waste today! Our all-natural Solid Conditioner Bars contain are eco-friendly so you can enjoy fresh locks without adding any pollutants to nature’s ecosystem.

What Ingredients are used in a Solid Conditioner Bar?

Each conditioner bar we sell will have slightly different ingredients depending on haircare brand and hair type. Generally, though they contain sustainable ingredients like shea butter, rapeseed oil, (lots of seed oils!), coconut oil, argan oil, essential oil and cocoa butter.

They won’t contain artificial fragrances, alcohol, are paraben free, palm oil free, silicone and sulfates free un like those found in most commercial beauty haircare products. We can’t tell you what are in other conditioner bars, but the ones we stock are just full of natural goodness and are zero waste and plastic free!


How do I store my conditioner Bar?

Just like your natural soap, you can store your bar in either a soap dish, a soap rest or a soap pouch. Some brands supply metal tins to keep them safe. The important this is to ensure they dry between uses.

Which conditioner bar should I choose?

It’s important to use one that is suitable for your hair or skin type. If you have sensitive skin then choose one for that. If you have fine hair that needs volume added, choose a conditioning bar for that. If you have dry hair and need to add moisture ensure you choose one full of shea butter and coconut oils. Just like traditional conditioners it’s important to find one for the problem you are trying to help. If you have highlighted hair, you need one specifically formulated for this! 

A lot of the bars we sell are suitable for normal hair but all will be cruelty-free, plastic-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, parabens, free, alcohol-free, artificial fragrance-free and will be suitable for most hair types! They are just full of natural goodness that will leave your locks looking healthy and shiny and feeling super soft!

How much do Solid Conditioner Bars Cost?

Most brands sell for around £6-£9 per bar! You will pay slightly more for these haircare bars initially but they last a long time! Combined with a natural shampoo bar they will last up to 100 washes, depending on hair length and thickness. Are they better for you or your environment?

Do conditioner bars work?

Yes! Amazingly well. They’re great if your hair is dry and frizzy or needs a little more curl definition but they aren’t going to give a lot of volume like a mousse would. 

Conditioner bars are lovingly made with the purest natural ingredients which get straight to the root of your hair. They are just rich in goodness and all that you need to keep your locks looking healthy and shiny with a little volume added. They work just as well as bottled conditioner, if not better because they just work with your hair and allow your natural oils and sebum to do its work! 

How to Use Conditioner Bars:

Shampoo with a natural shampoo bar, then apply the conditioner bar to your hair like you would a normal liquid conditioner. Ensure to pull through to the strand ends.  Massage it in and for the best results leave for two minutes before rinsing off. Dry your hair and enjoy your soft shiny natural locks! 

Do conditioner bars last longer?

Yes! They last a long time. They are super concentrated with plant based power! The quantity used is so little that you’ll only a tiny amount although this varies depending on hair length and how if you have thick hair.

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