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Best Wooden Toy Brands

As in all areas not all toys are created equal, which is why we’ve spent a lot of time discovering the best wooden toy brands that create beautiful, educational, fun toys that are sustainably and lovingly made.

In no particular order here are some of the best wooden toy brands and why we love them.


Grimms are probably most well known for their iconic wooden rainbow. This highly sought after the toy is loved not only for its beauty but also for the almost limitless play possibilities.

And Grimms don’t just make rainbows. They handcraft a huge range of toys from sustainable hardwoods and childsafe water-based stains that are designed to inspire little imaginations and encourage slow play.

Big Jigs

Big Jigs are a well-known toy brand that makes a huge variety of high-quality toys. All their toys are designed in the UK, responsibly made and conform to the highest safety standards. Plus they are great value.

Their range has something for everyone. Big Jigs make a huge selection of wooden play food as well as an epic collection of railway track, trains and accessories. Their educational toys are worth a look for all ages. And we love their smaller toys for party bags and stocking fillers.


Tegu make building blocks with added magic (or magnets if you want to be technical). Their aim is to inspire both learning and imagination. And you’d be surprised at the things you can make when you can build up as well as out.

Tegu not only make great toys they also have great ethics. The company pay a living wage to local employees in Honduras and work with local cooperatives to ensure the trees they use have been handpicked for sustainability.


Holztiger wooden animals are a thing of beauty and loved by parents and children alike. Each animal is hand-carved and hand-painted in Europe from sustainably sourced hardwood. All the stains are water-based and perfectly safe for little hands and mouths.

Designed for playing, the simple poses and expressions of the animals allow them to be used in so many ways. Just be warned, collecting these beauties can be highly addictive.

Tender Leaf Toys

Relatively new brand Tender Leaf Toys has proved to be an instant hit with both parents and children. The bright colours and fun designs are perfect for any playroom. And the range has something for everyone.

Tender Leaf Toys are made from Indonesian rubberwood, a waste product from the rubber industry and for each tree used another is planted in its place.

Indigo Jamm

One of our most popular ranges Indigo feature retro colours and designs that kids can’t get enough off. Whether you are looking for a wooden toy kitchen or a fleet of funky vehicles (including a UFO) this ethical brand has got you covered.

Again they are made from rubberwood and are all designed in the UK.


Wobbel might not offer the same range of toys as some of the other brands but honestly who needs toys when you have a wobbel.

All these brands make high-quality, beautifully designed wooden toys that will last for generations. And if you still have toys from your parents or grandparents have a look at our blog on the history of wooden toys.

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