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Montessori toys are among the best wooden toys for children. Montessori is a philosophy of education that emphasizes practical life skills and teaching children how to learn rather than what to learn. It’s no wonder that this state of mind is good for toys as well as it has a tendency to encourage imaginative play.

These toys are excellent options for parents who want their kids to be exposed to open-ended toys that not only encourage creativity and imagination but also learning and development overall.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Montessori toys for children.

Grimm’s 12 Piece Rainbow

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this seemingly simple wooden toy from Grimm’s. It’s a fantastic 12 piece rainbow coloured wooden toy is a versatile open ended toy that can be played in so many ways. It could be stacked like a stacker or used as puzzle pieces that provide an easy and fun challenge for your children. This wooden toy can be used as a tunnel or bridge for your children’s other toys. Perfect toy for visual and tactile stimulation as well as sparking a child’s imagination and creativity.

Another reason to buy this lovely toy is that it features a minimalist design that is typical of classic wooden toys. This is a good toy that grows with your child and once he moves on to other toys, you can use this toy as a nursery or playroom decoration.

Holztiger Wooden Animals

Holztiger wooden animals are among the best wooden animal toys on the market. Their toys are made from wooden materials much like any other Montessori toy. Holztiger animals generally have more details like facial features and have happier facial expressions than their counterparts. Whether this is a deal breaker or not, depends entirely on what your child wants and prefers. There is a wide range of Holztiger wooden animals to choose from and you can buy individual pieces to eventually complete your own collection.

Ostheimer Wooden Animals

If you want wooden animals with a minimalist design then we would definitely recommend checking Ostheimer wooden animal toys. They have a huge collection of abstract-looking wooden animal toys which often have expressionless faces. These lovely wooden toys also come in muted colours. Children can engage in fun and exciting imaginative play which is good for early learning and development. One advantage of Ostheimer’s minimalist design is that children are encouraged to use their imagination.

Bigjigs Fractions Tray

Bigjigs is one of our favourite toy brands because their toys are equally fun and educational. Additionally, their toys are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint and dyes. All of their toys conform to European and international safety standards on kids toys.

Bigjigs Fractions Tray is a surprisingly good early learning toy. It is very simple to play but provides a tremendous educational value. You can use this toy to teach children about fractions and decimals. Your children can remove and replace the labelled fraction pieces from the tray. These fraction pieces come in bright colours which is good for visual stimulation and practicing your children’s colour recognition. As this is a wooden toy, playing with this is also good for tactile stimulation.

Tender Leaf Toys Baby Blocks

Building blocks have been around for many years and they remained popular because of their entertainment and educational value. Tender Leaf Toys Baby Blocks is like any other building blocks except it is designed for babies. Perfect toy to help babies get a head start on Montessori learning and for developing their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, concentration, spatial thinking and many more.

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