Best 5 Educational Plan Toys




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Best 5 Educational Plan Toys

PlanToys pay close attention to toy design so children can experience growth physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually while playing. Their toys encourage children to grow up to be intelligent, curious and strong-willed individuals!

They believe this starts with even the most simple forms of play and learning, learn through play. The Plantoys motto is Better Kids better world, and everything they do in their toys is designed to help kids get better, because when we invest in children, we invest in a brighter, better world.

Plantoys make toys which allow childrens imagination to develop. They design toys that children can use and enjoy with their parents, or on their own. They put positive thoughts into their toy making. No toy weapons or any other toy which might make them accustomed to violence or be used to hurt other children. There piggy banks are also there to educate children about the value of money and savings. Plan toys create savings cooperatives to support their employees and their families. They are also a full equal opportunities employer. 

Because children learn so much through play, it’s important that we give them the chance to do so whenever possible! Whether they are playing in the backyard during the summertime or at the kitchen table while it’s snowing outside, children gain so much understanding of the world around them through free play.

With all that said, trying to narrow down the best to just 5 is pretty much an impossible task! 

Plan Toy Bees

This is by far the most popular plan toys in our shop and indeed one of our most popular toys all around. It is brilliant for fine motor skills, co-ordination and colour matching. The little bees have such a personality that all children find themselves drawn to them! The little bees are very hardwearing and keep children happy for ours!

Plan Toys Rainbow Alligator

Not an obvious educational toy but this toy improves tactile sensory skills and builds strong observance and dexterity skills. This is a great present for a younger child and the click clack noise it makes allows children to learn cause and effect.

Plan Toys Nesting Chicken

This is a gorgeous stacking toy which includes a base, 3 bowls with happy smiling chicken faces on and an egg. The bowls can be nested in lots of different ways teaching children about balance and problem solving in a very fun way. This toy really helps to improve concentration and communication and is just great fun!

Plan Toys Balancing Cactus

This toy has won numerous Best Toy Awards and it’s easy to see why. It comes with a plant base and lots of different sizes and colours of cactus leaves. The child needs to learn to balance all the leaves on the base and this can be done in various ways. Whilst helping with dexterity and balancing the beauty of this is that it teaches basic maths sums as wells, without a child realising it.

Plan Toys Mosaic

This toy comes in a little tin case so is a perfect travel toy. It comes with lots of different geometric pieces and a guide book in how to make up various patterns. But older children can soon develop their own patterns and pictures using the shapes. A brilliant toy for travel as well as boosting creativity and imagination.

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