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Toy picnic baskets are fantastic role playing toys. Role playing itself should be encouraged because it is an important component of early children’s development. Playing with these toys provides children with a risk-free play environment for experimenting and exploring new ideas. Little children have the freedom to act scenarios based on their experiences and play their favourite roles. They often imitate or copy the actions of adults around them.

There are a lot of benefits to playing toy picnic baskets. They may appear as simple toys for role playing and enjoying picnics but they are more than just toys. These toys are good for development and help children learn new skills.

Most of the time playing with toy picnic baskets involve certain elements of role playing. Children pretend that they are going on a picnic outside either with their other toys like dolls or teddy bears or with friends. Children enjoy role playing because this kind of play encourages them to use their imagination and be creative with the scenes they want to perform. Frequent use of imagination and creativity when playing is good for developing solid problem solving skills and allow children to search for their interests.

Toy picnic baskets can be enjoyed by children independently but they are more fun and enjoyable if children play with others. When children play and interact with others, they can practice using new words and expand their vocabulary by picking new ones. It also allows them to develop their communication and language skills. Children with good communication and language skills are able to express themselves more effectively and they tend to pick words carefully.


Picnic basket toys come with other toys and accessories like teacups, saucers, plates and teapots and maybe even play food. These toys are good for encouraging children to use their hands and fingers. Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination are two of the most important fundamental skills to develop at an early age. These skills allow children to perform certain actions like cutting a piece of paper using a pair of scissors, button their shirts, use a pencil to write, tying shoelaces or using a spoon and fork for eating.

Going on a picnic outside while playing with a toy picnic basket is another way to encourage your children to enjoy the outdoors. So in a way, these toys encourage children to become mobile and active. Playing outside especially in the garden brings children closer to nature. This helps children develop gross motor skills, coordination, strength and balance. Gross motor skills are abilities to use large groups of muscles to perform actions like walking, running and jumping.

Toy picnic baskets come in a wide range of colours, designs and shapes. These toys are wonderful for colour and shape recognition as well as visual discrimination. Visual discrimination is a skill to recognise details in visual images. Our world is made out of colours and shapes and being able to describe and identify different objects is an important skill.

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