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Beeswax wraps are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap, and they’re perfect for storing food in the fridge or on the go. They’re made from organic cotton and beeswax, so you can feel good about using them every day. And because they’re reusable, you won’t have to worry about throwing out more plastic wrap after each use.

Whilst they are called beeswax wraps, many are now made from plant-based waxes mixed with tree resin as well.

Wrap up sandwiches for lunch or cover bowls of leftovers for dinner without worrying about using wasteful plastic cling wrap again. Our beeswax wraps will keep food fresh while reducing the amount of waste you produce each day.

  • Beeswax wraps are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap, perfect for storing food in the fridge or on the go.
  • They’re made from organic cotton and beeswax (or plant-based waxes mixed with tree resin), so you can feel good about using them every day.
  • And because they’re reusable, you won’t have to worry about throwing out more plastic wrap after each use.
  • Wrap up sandwiches for lunch or cover bowls of leftovers for dinner without worrying about using wasteful plastic cling wrap again.
  • Because they’re made from organic cotton fabric coated in beeswax, these wraps won’t leave any residue on your food either!

Beeswax Food Wraps – Reusable & Eco-friendly

Reusable beeswax wraps are the perfect biodegradable zero-waste alternative to plastic cling film. Store fruit and veg, leftovers, sandwiches, cheese, and a lot more food in 100% natural materials that allow food to breathe and keep food fresher for much longer.

Our natural reusable beeswax food wrap collection can be used in many ways. They can be used as wraps, organic food snack bags, bread wraps, sandwich wrappers or just food bags for all your favorite foods, fruits, and vegetables.

Not only will you save plenty of single-use plastic from landfill, but you’ll also save food too. Fruit, vegetables, cheese, and leftovers all last longer in breathable beeswax food wraps. And if you’re not keen on using an organic beeswax wrap set, we have some great vegan wraps as well.

As we all look to reduce our plastic waste, using natural organic products like beeswax wraps to protect food and as a plastic-free food storage, as opposed to single-use plastic just makes sense! Once you break that habit, ditch plastic, and switch to using reusable wraps, you will wonder why you ever took so long to ditch the plastic, beeutiful! Living a more sustainable life can be very easy with these eco-friendly options and alternatives.

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How to Use A Beeswax Wrap

Made from beautiful organic cotton, beeswax wraps are perfect for food storage and keeping food fresh. You can store anything, from half a lemon to last night’s leftovers, and keep sandwiches fresh all day.

Beeswax wraps come in a variety of sizes, so are perfect for everything from wrapping a sandwich to a whole loaf of bread, or even popping over a cold saucepan to keep the food fresher. Pretty much anything you would use plastic for on food, you can replace with a more sustainable and natural alternative (except raw meat).

They are self-adhesive, with the wax melted by the heat of your hands forming a natural seal. It simply requires the heat from your hands to mold to the shape of the bowl or food you are covering, they really are that easy to use, no more plastic film getting caught up and ripping, beautiful!

You can use them in the fridge (or freezer for short periods of time) and because they are breathable they’re also perfect for covering bread as it rises, or kefir as it ferments.

A few great food storage uses:

Cheese. Simply remove plastic packaging (or better buy food with no plastic wrappers straight from the deli counter!) and replace it with a breathable food wrap, or take them with you to the deli. Your cheese can breathe and will stay fresher for longer.

Fruit. Keep that half a lemon, avocado or apple at its best. Just be aware that pineapple and a wrap don’t always agree so it’s better to put this in a bowl first. Again to reduce plastic waste, we advise shopping with reusable bags and buying plastic-free fruit & food. All of these are just new habits we can learn to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Bread. Your delicious loaf from the market will stay crisp and fresh for longer if you wrap it. They are ideal to wrap sandwiches for school or work.

Meat. A Wax wrap is great for stopping ham and other cold cuts from going crispy at the edges. Do not use it for raw meat.

A bonus tip. These are super handy for helping you open jars. If you have any good tips you want to share with us, let us know in our baba me buzz facebook group, where we all share our ideas and thoughts to help reduce plastic in our food and go zero waste.

How to Clean Beeswax Wraps

Firstly gently scrape any food residue off them.

Clean using cool water and gentle dish soap or a mild dish detergent which is ideal for this purpose, this should help remove stains.

You can use a soft cloth or we find rubbing them between your palms great for cleaning both sides at the same time.

Do not put them in the washing machine, the harsh cycles and hot water will strip the natural wax coating from the organic cotton.

Then simply leave the wet wrap to dry on the dish rack to drip dry.

Less is more when it comes to washing so if it’s not dirty just fold it up and use it again.

The wax will melt if it gets hot so avoid using hot water and keep away from heat sources while drying and storing, and avoid using them on hot food or putting them over hot bowls.

Also keep them out of direct sunlight or out of a hot car, which can affect the wax resin.

Strong-coloured foods might stain the organic cotton fabric slightly but don’t worry this just adds to the character. As with most food stains, leaving them in a sunlit window will happily fade any food stains.

How Do You Look After Your Beeswax Wraps?

Wax wraps, whether they are made with beeswax or another natural wax such as if you are vegan, are a great reusable alternative to clingfilm that is planet positive as well as being a practical and easy switch.

Being made from natural materials they are not only better for your food, allowing it to breathe without drying out and keeping it fresher for longer, but also better for the planet as they are made from renewable resources and compostable when they can’t be used any more.

We happen to know they also make great firelighters. So instead of throwing them in the compost bin you could cut them up, twist them into firelighters and use them for campfire or BBQ’s to avoid the nasty chemical alternatives.

However you want them to last as long as possible before this and that means you need to know how to look after them.

So how do you actually clean your beeswax wraps?

Simply use cold water and a drop of mild washing up liquid. Rubbing them between your hands under the tap works well, or you can use a sponge, cloth or a soft brush but you don’t want to do too much scrubbing. Then rinse off the soap and hang to dry.

Cleaning the wrap will degrade it over time so if you don’t need to clean it don’t. Simply fold it up and pop it away ready to use again next time.

If you use the wraps for highly coloured foods, turmeric or beetroot being particular culprits then you may get stains on the wraps so if you are worried about this it might be worth choosing darker coloured wraps or placing food in a bowl first so it isn’t in direct contact with the wrap.

If you need to refresh your wraps, or you are worried that they are not quite clean and you want to pasteurise them you can do this using greaseproof paper and an iron. Simply place the wrap between two layers of greaseproof paper and iron for about 30 seconds. Carefully remove the paper and hold up by the corners until cool.

Are beeswax food wraps environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! They are pretty much a zero-waste option when it comes to preserving food.

These non-plastic covers are 100% natural and made from organic cotton. They come from the earth and will return to it without a trace.

Did you know that when they reach the end of their life you can either put them in the compost where they will biodegrade or cut them up and use them as eco-friendly firelighters for campfires and wood burners?

And because they are designed to be reused over and over again you’ll end up saving a huge amount of cling film from going in the bin.

Saving food has a huge impact. Collectively we throw away millions of tonnes of food a year. Not only do wax and cotton offer an eco-friendly way to store your leftovers but it keeps food fresh for longer so you have more time to eat it.

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