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Making your bathroom more eco-friendly is a great way to reduce your environmental impact and save some money.

Whether you’re looking to save water or reduce waste, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom more sustainable.

Looking for a more sustainable way to clean your bathroom?

Here are our top tips for making an easy transition to an eco-friendly bathroom cleaning routine.

Ditch the Harsh Chemicals

The first step to cleaning your bathroom in an eco-friendly way is ditching the harsh chemicals. Many common cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can pollute the air and potentially cause health problems.

Look for natural alternatives or make your own cleaning solutions using ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils.

Opt for Reusable Cleaning Tools

Where possible, opt for reusable cleaning tools instead of disposable ones. This includes things like cloths, sponges, and scrub brushes. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also be producing less waste.

Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

When you do need to use cleaning products, try to choose ones that are eco-friendly. Look for products that are made with natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals. You can also find eco-friendly cleaners that are specifically designed to be gentle on the environment.

Save Water Where You Can

One of the best ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly is to save water where you can. This includes things like turning the faucet off while you’re brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers. You can also save water by investing in low-flow fixtures for your bathroom.

Reduce Your Use of Paper Products

Paper products are one of the biggest sources of waste in the bathroom. To reduce your impact, try to use less paper where you can. This includes things like using cloth towels instead of paper towels and opting for a bidet instead of toilet paper. If you do need to use paper products, look for ones that are made from recycled materials.

Create Less Waste

One of the best ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly is to create less waste. This includes things like avoiding single-use products and recycling or composting where possible. You can also reduce your waste by investing in durable, long-lasting products that won’t need to be replaced as often.

Reasons To Switch To Eco & Natural Bathroom Cleaning Products

It’s time to get on board with natural and eco bathroom cleaning products for a plethora of reasons. First, these types of products are much better for the environment. They don’t pollute the air or water as conventional cleaning products do.

Second, they’re often just as effective as traditional cleaners, if not more so.

Third, they’re usually made with better ingredients that are gentler on your skin, and they often smell nicer, too.

Whether cleaning the bath or shower, a good quality cleaner will make washing it so much easier.

You can use natural bleach or citric acid in the toilet, or one of our organic plant-based toilet pods which are super safe for the family and any pets you may have. They will make your toilet smell fresh and natural without the artificial scent you often find in conventional cleaners.

Plant-based products are better for you and also for the planet, especially marine life which is being destroyed by strong chemicals going into our waterways.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch to eco and natural bathroom cleaning products today! You (and the planet) will be glad you did.

Why Cleaning the Bathroom Can Help You Go Zero Waste

  1. When you use eco & natural bathroom cleaning products in your bathroom, it is one less thing you have to worry about. You can feel safe and secure knowing that the products you are using are not going to harm you or your family in any way.
  2. You will be doing your bit for the environment when you make the switch to using eco-friendly, natural bathroom cleaning products. Most of these types of products are made using sustainable methods and ingredients which means that their production doesn’t damage the environment. You can feel good knowing that you are helping to preserve our planet for future generations when you use natural bathroom cleaning products.
  3. Not only are you being kinder to the environment by using eco-friendly, natural bathroom cleaning products but you are also being kinder to your skin. The ingredients used in these types of products are much gentler on your skin than the harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaners. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin as you won’t have to worry about irritation or rashes when using natural bathroom cleaning-friendly, natural bathroom cleaning products, but you are also being kinder to your wallet. These types of products often work out to be cheaper in the long run as they are multipurpose and last longer. When you just need to buy the refillable tab for your cleaning product, and for cleaning, all you will need to add is a little elbow grease!
  4. You won’t have to keep buying new bottles of different cleaners as one product will be able to do multiple jobs. You will notice a difference in your bathroom when you start using eco-friendly, natural bathroom cleaning products. Your bathroom will feel cleaner and smell fresher as there won’t be any toxic chemicals lingering in the air. Your surfaces will also be protected as natural ingredients are often gentler on surfaces than harsh chemicals.
  5. Making the switch to using eco and natural bathroom cleaning products is a no brainer when you consider all of the benefits. It’s time to make the switch today!

Why Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We all want to do the best we can for the environment and our families. Eco-friendly cleaning products are a great switch you can make that will have positive impacts both for your home and your family and for the environment.

The benefits of using green cleaning products are two-fold. You get to keep your home, dishes and clothes clean in a safe non-toxic way, and you get to do your part in protecting the environment as well.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

There are a large number of benefits to using green cleaning products in your home. From choosing plastic-free products that dramatically reduce the waste you produce to choosing green cleaning products that are safe to use around your kids.

Here are some of the key benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products:

  1. They make your home safer. All the eco-friendly cleaning products we stock are non-toxic making them safer not only for the planet but for you, your home and the people you live with. Chemical cleaning products can be very toxic and certainly not something you want to inhale or get on your skin.
  2. Green cleaning products are better for you. We might not link cleaning products to our health, but we all know the washing powder we use can affect our skin. Equally breathing in chemicals can have an impact on our health.
  3. Natural cleaning products are better for the planet. Flushing chemicals down the drain can have a huge negative environmental impact but there are other things to consider as well such as all the plastic bottles you are using and the amount of water that is being transported. Solid dish soap and Ocean drop cleaners are not only non-toxic but use fewer fossil fuels to transport and don’t come in plastic packaging.
  4. They make cleaning easier. While you may currently have a whole cupboard full of cleaning products you may find that as you make the switch you realise that one product will do the job of many. Vinegar for example is as good at giving your windows a streak-free shine as it is for killing mould.
  5. They offer a way to be the change you want to see. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem and feel like there is nothing you can do. But every time we don’t buy another disposable item we make a difference and every time we support companies that are making strides forward we are being role models to our children, families and friends.Natural products, therefore, are better for you and the planet. And using them will not only keep your home clean but keep it green as well. And the best thing is that there’s no need to sacrifice quality, these products are tried and tested and they are just as effective if not more so than their competitors. Plus they smell better as well.

Effective Natural Cleaning Products

It’s impossible not to be aware of the impact our choices have on the environment. Choosing natural and zero waste cleaning products is a great way of having not only a clean home but a green home as well.

Natural cleaning products can be just as effective as chemical alternatives and yet they are healthier for our homes, our families and the environment we all have a duty to protect. Plus you may find you end up saving a fair amount of money as well.

Look in the average household cleaning cupboard and there will be multiple bottles of cleaners some of which get used on a daily basis, some of which may have been there for years, as well as laundry detergents, washing up liquid, and countless cloths, sponges and scourers.

And unless you have made a conscious effort to make greener, more environmentally focused choices then the likelihood is most of these products are made of plastic or in single-use plastic bottles and that most of the cleaners are chemical-based and not good for the environment or your health.

Finding environmentally friendly and effective alternatives isn’t necessarily that easy. Products might be eco-friendly and natural but they don’t actually work. Or you might find that while the product itself is more natural the packaging is still plastic and single-use. And as much as we can recycle there is no guarantee that the bottles we put in the recycling actually get recycled.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We’ve done the hard work for you and chosen a range of natural cleaning products that are as effective as they are environmentally friendly.

Ocean Saver’s range of cleaning products is all super concentrated for transport, meaning that you aren’t paying to ship water. This has a huge impact on the amount of fossil fuel required in production and transport. Plus it allows the packaging to be incredibly minimal. The drops come in a cardboard sleeve and you get a sticker to put on an existing bottle when you dilute them.

Another great switch is to swap to solid dishwashing soap. Again these natural products are just as effective as washing up liquid but you add the water at home. A bar lasts ages and your dishes will still be sparkling.

Natural Cleaning Accessories

As well as replacing the cleaning products themselves there is a huge benefit in choosing natural alternatives to plastic disposable accessories. Coconut scourers or wooden washing-up brushes with natural bristles are a great alternative to plastic sponges, brushes, and scourers.

It seems like such a small and simple switch but when you add up the number of washing-up sponges you throw away over a lifetime it’s easy to see how the little changes add up.

And while we would never advocate throwing away a perfectly good toilet brush or dustpan and brush, next time you do need to buy a new one why not choose a natural alternative that isn’t made of plastic?

How Do Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Work

We are all aware of the need to think more carefully about the things we buy and use. Whether it’s eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t pollute our water systems or opting not to buy water in a plastic bottle.

We want both a clean home and a green home and that means choosing eco-friendly options that really work. We need to know that our clothes, dishes, and homes will still be sparkling clean, we need to know the products will be safe for our families and the planet, and we need to know that they will get rid of any hidden nasties.

Despite the fact that 100 years ago almost all cleaning products were natural, now the majority of soap and other cleaning products are petroleum-based or made of synthetic chemicals.

Many cleaning products and detergents are great at cleaning and will easily shift stains or kill bacteria. But they can also irritate our lungs and skin and be incredibly harmful to the environment.

Natural cleaning products such as the Ocean Saver range are powerful and effective alternatives to standard cleaning products. Their range is all plant-based, non-toxic, not tested on animals and ocean-friendly.

The anti-bacterial spray is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria so it works just as well as any other anti-bac spray. You still wouldn’t want to get it on your skin or in your eyes and you still need to keep it out of the reach of children.

This is a product that is designed for effective cleaning just without environmental impact. Because not only is it plant-based and non-toxic, but it also comes without water meaning it’s plastic-free as it needs a lot less space and fuel to transport it. You can buy a reusable bottle or simply keep your old one.

If you are using eco-friendly cleaning products there is no reason they won’t be just as effective as their chemical counterparts. You should always read the label to make sure you are using them properly as you may find you need to leave a surface cleaner on for longer or use a different quantity of laundry detergent for example.

But we’ve found that natural options work just as well as chemicals and they are safer and generally smell better too.

For centuries our ancestors have used natural cleaning products making use of natural enzymes, acids, alkalis, and surfactants to assist them in cleaning their bodies, clothes, and homes. Soap nuts, for example, have long been used for cleaning, they contain saponin, a powerful natural surfactant that reduces the surface tension of water helping it to release oils, dirt, and grime.

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