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Bamboo Socks

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Bamboo socks are a great way to keep your feet dry and odour-free. They’re made from natural bamboo fibres, which make them soft and breathable. You’ll also never have to worry about smelly feet again! Plus, they come in a variety of colours and patterns so you can match your outfit or mood.

Not only will these socks keep your feet dry all day long but they’ll also help prevent bacteria growth which leads to smelly shoes or clothes. They’re perfect for anyone who wants their feet to stay fresh all day long without having to worry about foot odour or sweaty toes.

And since they last so much longer than cotton socks, it’s an investment worth making! So go ahead, buy yourself a pair today and say goodbye to sweaty feet forever!

What Are Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo is an incredibly versatile natural resource, but it might not be the first material you think of when it comes to super-soft luxury socks. And yet bamboo socks are just that, super soft, oh so comfy socks made from woven bamboo fibre.

Bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass rather than a wood which has been used in many ways for centuries. It grows anything up to 3 feet a day, although not all species grow that quickly, and can be harvested without damaging the plant making it a very sustainable and renewable resource. Plus it requires no chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Bamboo is remarkably strong making it a great building material, it’s a popular choice for scaffolding as well as being used to build houses in many parts of the world. But it is also a food source for humans and animals, is used to make furniture, worktops and utensils, and can be turned into a fabric that is used to make everything from nappies to clothing, including socks.

How is bamboo turned into fabric?

Bamboo fibre that can be turned into clothing, bedding, towels, nappies and pretty much anything else made of cloth can be produced in two ways. Mechanically and chemically.

The mechanical method involves crushing the woody bamboo and using natural enzymes to break it down into a mushy substance from which the fibres can be mechanically combed. These fibres are then spun into yarn and woven into cloth. However, this is a labour-intensive process, and the resulting fabric is a bit rough so it is not commonly used.

The chemical process turns the bamboo into a regenerated cellulose fibre similar to rayon or modal and is often referred to as bamboo rayon. The traditional chemicals used can be damaging to both people and the environment although newer production methods use less harmful chemicals in a closed-loop system to minimise both environmental impact and health threats to workers.

While the traditional chemical process certainly taints bamboo’s eco-credentials. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) does not consider bamboo as a natural fibre due to the chemical processes and the fact that it has been regenerated, therefore it can only be used in GOTS certified fabrics up to 10%, the closed-loop system is generally considered a better alternative.

Why make socks from bamboo?

Not only is bamboo a remarkably sustainable material to grow but the resulting fabric has some amazing qualities.

  • It can be easily mixed with other fabrics.
  • It’s super soft. As in it rivals silk and cashmere.
  • It is thermo-regulating. Meaning it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.
  • It’s naturally anti-bacterial. Great for avoiding stinky feet.

Are socks made from bamboo any good?

Our feet are two of the most important parts of our body. They get us from point A to B and they should not be neglected. One thing we can do to take care of our feet is to wear the appropriate footwear to protect them from anything that causes harm and injuries.

Everyone has different needs but in a few circumstances, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For example, if you work long hours and your feet are encased inside your boots for extended periods of hours, you may end up with mushy, smelly feet. This foot condition can easily be prevented by using the right socks at the right time.

Benefits of Socks Made from Bamboo

Super soft and gentle bamboo socks have plenty of benefits to offer. Bamboo has natural antimicrobial, antifungal and hypoallergenic properties. It’s such a great material that more and more companies are using bamboo to make socks and other clothing items.

Also, bamboo trees are considered to be some of the world’s most sustainable and renewable resources. There is no need for herbicides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals to grow them. Bamboo trees also absorb huge amounts of CO2.

These socks are great on your feet. They are comfortable to wear and provide gentle cushioning to your feet. These levels of comfort can be maintained easily in all types of weather conditions compared to other fabrics.

Bamboo is breathable so wearing socks in the summer can keep your feet dry and moisture-free. Your feet will also remain comfortably warm in colder weather conditions if you wear these socks.

Socks made from bamboo are particularly great for those suffering from sweaty and smelly feet. As mentioned, bamboo has antimicrobial, anti bacterial and antifungal properties.

Apart from that, bamboo fabrics used in these socks are great at wicking out moisture and they are breathable. These natural bamboo properties also help reduce odour-causing bacteria.

But if you are new to the idea of wearing bamboo socks here are a few reasons to give it a go.

Long lasting and easy to care for

There are many benefits of bamboo socks. First up, from a practical perspective bamboo is a great material for socks. It’s easy to care for, machine washable in cool water and doesn’t need any fabric softeners to keep it feeling silky soft. Just don’t use bleach as this can damage the fabric, instead try baking soda to brighten and get rid of any tough stains.

The natural antimicrobial and antibacterial features of bamboo also mean you can wear bamboo socks for longer and wash them less often. And while you might not feel comfortable wearing your socks for more than a day at a time, this same property also means your feet stay fresh rather than stinky.

Bamboo’s super smooth fibres not only make it feel silky soft against your skin but they mean your socks will rub less too. This means it’ll take longer for you to wear through them.

Bamboo socks care for your skin

As well as being an easy fabric to look after, bamboo is also great at caring for your skin in a number of ways which is why you should be wearing bamboo socks.

Bamboo socks have excellent moisture-wicking properties, far better than cotton, means your feet stay dry. Not only is bamboo fabric breathable but the hollow fibres allow moisture to be drawn away from the skin quickly and efficiently. This helps prevent fungal infections and other foot problems and also makes your feet more comfortable.

Natural anti-bacterial properties thanks to bamboo kun stops bacteria from thriving on the fabric. And as it’s bacteria that makes your feet smell this helps to prevent foot odour.

Bamboo fabric is also hypoallergenic so it is great for people with sensitive skin. The ultra-smoothness of the fabric and silky feel also minimise irritation. And despite the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process no chemical residues remain in the finished fabric.

Bamboo is also thermo-regulating meaning it will keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. Similar to cashmere or silk but far more durable and far less expensive.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Finally, not only is bamboo socks easy to care for, super soft and kind to your feet they are also kind to the environment.

Despite the fact that processing bamboo into viscose is questionable in terms of its environmental credentials bamboo is still undeniably both renewable and sustainable as a resource.

Growing bamboo requires very little intervention and actually protects the soil and removes large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Processing the bamboo into the fabric is a chemical process but newer production methods employ a closed-loop system that minimises environmental impact. And although it’s not perfect nor is cotton production.

Why Wear Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo fabric is breathable, lightweight has incredible moisture-wicking properties. it’s hypoallergenic and super soft so it’s great for sensitive skin and can even help stop you getting blisters.

Plus, despite some concerns over the process of turning bamboo into viscose (and there are plenty of concerns with other fabrics too), bamboo is a very eco-friendly and sustainable resource.

Bamboo’s eco-friendly credentials

When it comes to renewability bamboo is hard to beat. It grows quickly, really quickly, it requires little watering and doesn’t rely on chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Plus, harvested in the right way bamboo simply grows back without needing to be replanted, and sustainable harvesting can even encourage growth.

According to WWF 20,000 litres of water are required to make just 1kg of cotton. Now that figure covers every part of the process but removing the need for irrigation and the water required to make pesticides and fertilizers has a big impact.

Of course not all bamboo is grown in a sustainable way and so it’s always worth making sure you buy from ethical manufacturers.

Bamboo also removes a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere, gives back high levels of oxygen and helps to prevent soil erosion thanks to its root systems which stay in place.

More reasons to choose bamboo next time you are buying socks

  • Bamboo is super soft. Viscose fibres are incredibly smooth making them soft to touch and great for sensitive skin. The smoothness of the fabric also helps protect against blisters.
  • Bamboo is highly absorbent. Hollow fibres mean bamboo can absorb 3 times its weight making it 40% more absorbent than cotton and great at keeping your feet dry.
  • Naturally odour eliminating. Bamboo’s natural properties make it great at eliminating odour. As well as keeping your feet dry it’s naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial meaning that stink causing bacteria can’t survive.
  • Thermo-regulating. This essentially means your feet will stay cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. This is thanks to the smooth fibres that allow for a superbly breathable fabric. Hollow fibres also help create a natural buffer against changes in temperature.

all these aspects combined make for a very comfortable experience. So comfortable in fact, that many people will never go back to other types of socks after experiencing bamboo.

Of course, there are plenty of other great socks out there. Wool socks are great for winter as they provide excellent insulation and absorb high volumes of water. They maintain their insulating properties when wet which is great if you get sweaty feet on a hot day, and they are generally pretty good at not smelling.

However, they can be a pain to wash, take ages to dry and be too hot to wear in the summer and too bulky for certain shoes. Also, they tend to wear down more quickly if you’re walking around the house a lot which is why you will often find woollen bed socks or sofa socks that are not designed to be worn anywhere other than the sofa or in bed.

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