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Teaching Clocks

Time is a concept that everyone should learn at a young age. Many aspects of our lives involve time which is why teaching your children the concept of time is important. Unfortunately, introducing new concepts like time to children can be a bit challenging. Guiding young children through the laborious process of learning to tell time on an analog clock can be a tortuous experience for both parent and child. Learning which times are higher or lower than an hour, how to track numbers through four quadrants, and teaching kids how to convert from analog to digital time can all take much more time than you imagine. Fortunately, there are some fun and engaging options for teaching children to master the skill of telling time by using educational tools like a teaching clock.

One of the first more advanced topics kids tackle as they learn to read and write is telling time. When you are explaining how to do this, you’ll be using analog clocks or something more fun like a teaching clock. Children will also have an easy time learning advanced time telling techniques like adding and subtracting time if they already know basic arithmetic. For example, if a child knows they have to get to school in 20 minutes, he or she might better understand that they have to leave now. Also, being able to tell time helps kids develop good listening habits because it takes patience not to cut someone off when they start telling you their schedule.

Most people struggle to really grasp how to tell time even through their adult years. Learning how to tell time is more than just memorizing where the hour, quarter and minute hands are on a clock’s face. There are other factors that go into telling time including elapsed time, elapsed minutes, elapsed seconds, word problems and more. Teaching clocks is important because it teaches kids not only the hands of a clock but also the numbers, how to apply those numbers to real life situations and apply them in a practical way. Teaching kids how to tell time is important for two reasons: First, since learning how to tell time involves reading numbers and telling time verbally, it helps with several other math skills including addition and subtraction and being able to convert time into hours, minutes and seconds.

Teaching clocks are more than just toys for learning how to tell time. Some teaching clocks also have other mini toys built right in. For instance, some teaching clocks have colourful removable pieces that come in a form of blocks. Some of these toy clocks can be used as a sorting toy. Additionally, if you buy wooden toy locks from top brands you can use these toys as decoratives for your children’s nursery or playroom. Some toy clocks can be hung on the wall.

So if you are wondering if teaching clocks are worth it, our answer is yes these toys are totally worth it. They have incredible educational and developmental value and the best looking teaching clocks can be used as decoratives.

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