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Alternative Easter Presents

Our range of alternative Easter Gifts is a curated collection of unique, ethical, and sustainable gifts that will make your loved ones happy without breaking the bank or hurting the planet.

Give your loved ones something they will love, not regret. Our selection of eco-friendly alternatives to the usual easter gifts is perfect for the environmentally conscious and health-conscious alike!

Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids

For children, it’s all too easy for Easter morning and the Easter holidays in general to become all about waiting for the Easter bunny to come and the all-important easter egg hunt to begin. But not everyone wants their kids to be fueled by chocolate for two weeks and some children are either too little for it to be appropriate or can’t have chocolate at all.

However, there are loads of options for gifts other than Easter candy that they can fill their Easter baskets or bag with.

Here are our Top 5

  1. In 1st position, it has to be the gorgeous reusable Moulin Roty Easter Eggs. These metal eggs are perfect for filling with all kinds of treats, chocolate or otherwise and are great for hiding in the garden or using as the prize for a scavenger hunt. And the best thing is you can pop them in the cupboard and bring them out year after year. We have two options available. Either buy a mystery egg and we’ll choose a gorgeous Grimm’s dwarf or Holztiger animal to put inside. Or you can buy them empty and fill them with anything you like. Peter Rabbit would be proud.
  2. Any of the Holztiger or Ostheimer wooden animals. Although we particularly love the rabbits are hares, who will last much longer than a chocolate bunny. There’s also a great range of chicks, ducks and lambs.
  3. The Plan Toys chicken puzzle or nesting chicken. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? These toys are perfect for smaller children to play with and develop motor skills whilst still fitting with the Easter theme. Plus they can learn about the life cycle of a chicken.
  4. An Oil and Carol Elvis the Duck. Baby toys made from 100% natural latex and food safe dyes these rubber ducks make the perfect bath toy, teether or ornament and we think great gifts for babies at Easter.
  5. For older kids how about tegu. You could hide the pieces in the same way you would Easter eggs and it’s a great way to keep them entertained over the bank holiday weekend.

Alternative Easter Gifts For Adults

When buying for adults it’s pretty easy to move away from easter eggs and switch to non-chocolate Easter gifts instead. So with that in mind, we have chosen a few of our favorite ethically traded items that we think make great Easter gift ideas. Although the chocolate mystery box could still be a winner for the chocoholics out there, milk, white and dark chocolate with not a creme egg in sight.

  • Moulin Roty has to make it to the top of the list again, much better than plastic eggs they can be filled with literally anything and they’re gorgeous! You could opt for a mystery egg with either a bath bomb or a pair of Thought Bamboo Socks or buy one empty and fill organic beauty treats.
  • The Babame egg cup gift set is a lovely Easter gift idea. Swap the chocolate egg for a soft boiled one with soldiers for Easter brunch and enjoy a non-chocolate treat in the form of a deliciously scented and moisturising bath. The rainbow egg cups are fairtrade and handpainted. Plus you can collect the whole breakfast set to match. This would be one of the best 1 year old toys available in the market.
  • Thought Bamboo Socks. The Pastoral or Garden Party gift box sets are both inspired by nature and spring. Beautifully packaged and blissfully soft they are a lovely gift for any occasion.
  • A Garden lover’s gift basket would make a lovely alternative Easter basket to celebrate the joys of new life and spring. April is a great time for planting flowers and the result will last loads longer than candy. Fill your garden with wildflower seeds and invite the bugs and beasties to stay in their own specially designed bug hotel.
  • A Fairtrade throw. We firmly believe you can never have too many blankets in your life and that they make great gifts for everything from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and Christmas. Choose a nice spring colour or opt for a recycled throw that can be taken for picnics or reading books in the park as the days get warmer.

We also have a great range of felt easter decorations, perfect for decorating an Easter tree or having a chocolate free easter hunt.

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